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Amazing Treasure Hunting Secrets Hoarded By The Few Select Prodigiously Successful Hunters. Recover Treasure Where The So Called "Experts" Did Not Even Know To Look. You Will Even Learn How To Score, (With Your Trusty Metal Detector) Treasures That Have Been Left Behind By Dozens Of Hunters In Heavily Molested Spots.

Metal Detectors

Welcome to the largest metal detector outlet online. Find the best metal detectors to suit your needs whether they be beach metal detecting, relic hunting, coin shooting, gold nugget hunting, or underwater treasure hunting.

“So, what is the best treasure metal detector out there for 2019?”

The answer to that depends on what you are hunting and where you are hunting it. Now, in the year 2011, there have been some amazing metal detector advancements and we have constructed a chart of all the top professional “all-purpose metal detectors under $1,200:

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But a professional model may not be the best metal detector for you. We have the best metal detectors for novices and for serious treasure hunters. Our metal detecting experts on staff are waiting to answer your questions about detecting and choosing the right treasure metal detector for you.

When selecting a metal detector, you should keep in mind exactly what your needs are; are you going to be coin hunting? Relic hunting? Gold prospecting? Underwater hunting? Beach hunting? Hunting deep in the woods? There are a large variety of metal detectors out there and we have the perfect detector for every task.

We carry a great assortment of all those great all-purpose professional treasure metal detectors. These metal detectors cover the complete spectrum of treasure hunting targets and terrains. The Treasure Hunter 3050-XJ9 with its 2010 multi-frequency technology is out most popular all-in-one metal detectors.

Also, the Garrett GTI is one of our most sought after metal detectors for all-purpose, advanced treasure hunting.

The one question we frequently get is: is it better to buy a novice machine or a professional metal detector for the first purchase? The answer really depends on your treasure hunting goals.

It is true that often, a novice machine can pick up the same or even more treasure than some of its more advanced counterparts; this is because they are straightforward and have good depth sensitivity.

If you are just getting your feet wet and are not ready to make a large investment, but can appreciate the ease of a turn-and-go metal detector, then a novice machine would probably be best for you. Novice to advanced metal detectors are simpler to operate and can find most of the coins and easier, shallower targets than a professional metal detector would.

Now, if you are serious about metal detecting; do not mind a little learning; and do not want to miss those precious, deeper, and smaller targets, then we suggest that you select one of our more advanced metal detectors like the Garrett GTI 2500, Treasure Hunter 3050-XJ9, or the Bounty Hunter Ranger.

A few tips to keep in mind when you go out into the field with your new best metal detector:

Tip 1) The location of your treasure hunting is just as important as the brand or model of the metal detector you use. Always research the area before you do any hunting. Due diligence will pay dividends. With good research, you can always find better sites that for all we know, have yet to be discovered.

Tip 2) Detecting in shallow water is usually proves the most successful beach treasure hunting. The reason behind this is, water causes shrinkage in our fingers and frolicking in the water on a beach outing usually leads to jewelry easily slipping off of our digits. Add to that the fact that many tourists and vacationers aren’t that mindful of their valuable jewelry, coins, and have plenty of other games in the sand to enjoy their vacation.

Miami’s South Beach continues to be one of the most lucrative detecting spots. One of our blog contributors, “meta man,” reports cashing in over 6 figures a year from spoils from its sands with his Treasure Hunter 3019.

Note: detecting in dry sand can also yield prodigious results and should never be ignored on the popular tourists beaches. The best time to go detecting on them is around 5 p.m., when the crowds have gone home for the day.

Want to be ale to submerge the entire machine? Or perhaps you are planning some wreck diving? Our most popular underwater submersible metal detector, the Aqua Vision by Treasure hunter is on a special sale for the Holiday Season.

Tip 3) Many people like to purchase their treasure metal detector from a dealer close to home. While this is a good idea for convenience, beating the variety and price offered by Metal Detector Town is a tough act to follow; besides that, we’re just a click or call away. The knowledgeable staff at Metal Detector Town is available from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. every weekday (excluding holidays) to answer your questions and help find the best detector for you.

Buy the best treasure metal detector for your needs. Enjoy beach metal detecting, coin shooting, or searching underwater. We have the best treasure metal detectors for the novice and the seasoned treasure hunter.

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