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About Us

Metal Detector Town was started by hobbyists for hobbyists! We know what it’s like to be in your shoes, so we do our best to find best selection quality items we know people like us—metal detecting afficionados, all—will like.

One thing we love about the hobby is it’s inclusive yet independent spirit. It’s a welcoming community but we all get to enjoy it in our way, however we like. It’s the same for our gear; and that’s how we see it at Metal Detector Town, we like to offer a wide range of choices for the motley bunch we metal detecting folks generally are. Our goal is to provide our customers choices to fit their styles, budgets, and preferences.

We’re based out of Myrtle Beach, that there says it all. That’s the fertile ground where our curiosity for metal detecting was first ignited and where our fascination is still going. Now, we have people from the other side of the world, fellow hobbyists, helping us bring the joy of metal detecting to more people.

We’re working harder to give you a better experience at Metal Detector Town, whether you’re shopping or reading our blog or even sharing your own tips. We love hearing from you and we hope you enjoy your visit.


The team

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