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Before You Buy

At Metal Detector Town, we’re not content to just sell you a piece of equipment, we want you to find the same enjoyment we have in the hobby.

Prior to plunking down some money on gear, here are some important facts to consider before you buy your metal detector:

Get opinions. Talk to your fellow enthusiasts, other metal detector owners, and dealers and find out what they think.

Get to the facts. Try to get past the fancy packaging and/or advertising. Again, you’ll find out more from talking to real people and fellow detectorists.

Start with established brands. Checking out machines by established brands with a reputation for continuous research and improvement is a great place to start. It does not mean though, that newer, lesser know brands won’t be a great option as well.

Make a short list. Try to put down a short list of brands and models you’re interested in. Make sure you take into account the kind of detecting you favor, your metal detecting style, and how often you’re out there. If you’re out hunting quite often, then maybe you can justify splurging a little; if not, you might not need all the extras.

Try it out. If you can swing it, try out the detectors in your short list. Borrow from friends or rent one and take it out on a real detecting trip. At the very least, check them out at your local dealer and try them if only for fit and comfort.

Go for the sale. Find out the best occasions to buy a metal detector, these are usually before or after a big holiday like Thanksgiving or from Christmas to late January.

Once you’ve found the metal detector/s that you’d like to purchase:

Shop around for the best offers. Compare prices, deals, and packages online, in your local shops, or on the classifieds.

What’s in the package? Check the contents of package deals and see if it’s really saving you money, these usually offer accessories such as extra battery packs, headphones, carry cases, digging tools, etc., and sometimes, with inflated valuation.

Demo discount. If you’re looking for a bargain and don’t need a “pristine” model, shops or distributors usually sell their demo models for a much lower price.

Reality check. There are many differing opinions about buying cheaper metal detectors. But, budgets are a part of reality. To make it simple, shoot for the best metal detector you budget allows. This statement has a bit of wiggle room. From a really cheap machine, a few weeks of scrimping and saving will land you somewhere perhaps not even remotely close to fancy but definitely decent. This might be enough to see your blooming fervor for the hobby through till your next detector.

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