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Another way these dealers can help you get a great deal on a metal detector is through demonstration units. Most manufacturers will allow a dealer to purchase one or two models of their products at a steep discount that they can use for demonstration purposes with their customers. Sometimes they loan these out for a weekend to a customer who is considering a purchase to give them a chance to see how a unit works and if it's right for them before the buy metal detector.

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This can be a great way to test a particular model of metal detector you are interested in before you commit to buy metal detector. As these products change from year to year the dealer will often times sell last years demonstration units at a discount and this is a great way to get buy a cheap metal detector with high end features. In many cases these metal detectors have only been used a few times and are in like-new condition.

Many of them will even still have an active warranty that can protect you from future repair concerns in case you have problems with the metal detector. Smart customers will talk with the dealer about their demonstration units and find out if they have any of these metal detectors for sale or at least when they may be offering this year's demonstration model for sale when new stock arrives before they buy a metal detector.

One final way these metal detector dealers can help you buy a metal detector at a great price is through sales promotions. Often times a manufacturer will have excess inventory that they need to sell at the end of a model year. They are anxious to sell off this old inventory so that they can start selling a new model they are about to release. To do this they may have the dealers discount these specific models and send them an incentive to sell them. This is a great way to buy a metal detector for sale at a steep discount. This allows you to find a cheap metal detector that is packed with current features.

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