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Coin Metal Detector

Over the years metal detectors have improved in their ability to locate targets of all types across a larger variety of soil conditions. These metal detectors have also become very good at locating very specific types of targets like coins or gold deposits. The best type of metal detector is one that can be used for general detecting and can also accommodate a very specific type of target by adjusting its settings and coil type. As you become more accustomed to how your metal detector works, you may be able to make these adjustments quickly to help you find the type of target you are looking for on that particular hunt.

In contrast to these general-purpose metal detectors, there are other models that are built to be better at detecting certain types of targets. For example a coin metal detector does an amazing job of identifying smaller metallic targets like coins and can even be tuned to find a specific type of coin based on composition and size. This allows you to scan a large search area and the coin metal detector will ignore any target that doesn't fit into the specific target parameters you have selected.


Coin hunting, or coin shooting as it is more commonly known can be a lot of fun and will produce some amazing finds if you know where to hunt and use the right equipment. Typically a coin metal detector uses a smaller coil than most general-purpose detectors and this allows them to search with greater precision for the smaller target a coin presents. Having a smaller coil also allows you to navigate more easily around physical objects above ground as well as false signals from trash buried in your search area.

Another important feature to look for in a coin metal detector is a notch discrimination setting that allows you to either locate or ignore targets of a specific composition. This way you can set the coin metal detector to look only for targets made of nickel or copper and eliminate false hits from iron or other metals you want to ignore. Many of the better detectors have these notch filters pre-set for specific targets and allow you to modify these settings or even create additional notches of your own.

One other piece of equipment you'll need in addition to the coin metal detector is a probe and a pinpointer. The probe is a small handheld metal detector tool that looks like an ice pick. It is used to locate buried objects near the surface, and helps you minimize your digging. In some cases you can even uncover a coin using the probe and never have to dig at all. This takes a little practice but is a great technique for areas where you are trying to minimize damage to the ground's surface. The other item is a pinpointer and is similar to the probe but adds an electronic indicator for target location. This item has a probe on the front that will light an LED when it is placed near a target. Many hunters will use this pinpointer as their probe and it can really speed up the process of finding that elusive coin. Some coin metal detectors even have a pinpointer function as part of the unit and this helps you avoid carrying additional equipment with you on your treasure hunts.


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