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Treasure Hunter Metal Detectors

Treasure Hunter has submitted some fascinating innovations to the hobby of metal detecting in the last few years. Our top selling detector the XJ9-3050 boasts many new technologies, with multi-frequency and 6-modes of detection including motion and non-motion pinpointing and ultra deep search. We have explained a few common features of the Treasure Hunter metal detectors below.

What is (AGB) Automatic Ground Balancing for treasure hunter metal detectors?

AGB refers to the ability of the metal detector to track the changes in ground mineralization and automatically adjust the ground balance to suit. This ensures perfect ground balance and full detection depth and eliminates the need for the operator to stop and manually adjust the detector as the ground conditions change.

What is Very Low Frequency (VLF) Technology?

Conventional VLF detectors transmit a continuous magnetic field into the ground on one set frequency. This frequency as the name implies, is on the lower end of the metal detecting spectrum 3kHz- 50kHz. The 3050 Professional detector operates at the very low end of this spectrum ~6.6kHz. The lower the detector's frequency, the deeper it will penetrate. However, its sensitivity to smaller targets may be reduced. On the other hand, the higher the treasure hunter metal detector's frequency, the higher its sensitivity to even the smallest targets, but it may not penetrate as deeply. The Treasure Hunter XJ9-3050 metal detector achieves extreme depths due to its VLF and magnetic field expander technology combined with astonishingly accurate sensitivity and discrimination, it does this through its patented multi-frequency technology. The Treasure Hunter metal detector's 3019 and 3050 detectors use a multi-frequency technology to combine the benefit of deep penetration with the high discrimination possible with higher frequencies.

What is Multi Frequency Technology?

The Treasure Hunter metal detectors 3019 and 3050 uses the VLF technology combined with higher frequencies up to 20kHz to give increased depth and discrimination. These higher frequencies combined with VLF technology are best for finding gold at large depths. This frequency is automatically given off and does not need to be adjusted. The increase in frequency gives a greater response to little tiny bits of gold, the XJ9-3050's increased response to small targets is about ten times as much gain as general purpose detectors. For gold searching, you must set the discrimination on your Treasure Hunter metal detector to the lowest setting.

What is Target ID and how does it work?

Treasure Hunters Patented Target ID circuitry is a very accurate measure of the target's phase response. But unfortunately some targets have identical, or nearly so, target responses. That is why you may lose a few good gold rings if you believe your target ID of your best metal detector is correct each time it tells you the target is a pull-tab. The ID is just another form of information that you, the operator, must interpret before deciding whether you will dig the target. But Fortunately, Treasure Hunters Target ID is from top of the line circuitry and the best Target ID accurate at depths of 12" for a coin and 16" for a good size ring (3019 and 3050 deep search models only). As you can see from the picture of the LCD above, the 3050 will tell you just how likely your target is to be a gold ring if it is in the range. Don't forget, your treasure Hunter 3050 also has target depth indication. We have much more detailed information on treasure hunter metal detectors on each product description page.

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