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Treasure Hunter 3019 Deep Search

Treasure Hunter 3019 Deep Search

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The Treasure Hunter 3019 Professional Metal Detector is a game changer! With six highly advanced treasure hunting modes, there is virtually No Treasure Out of Your Grasp!

The 3019 Metal Detector by Treasure Hunter is like the 3030 metal detector on steroids. With a more advanced 32bit Processor, six added modes of operation, deeper penetration, increased sensitivity, and higher discrimination, the Treasure Hunter 3019 Metal Detector is one of the most powerful all-purpose metal detectors on the market today.

The oversized LCD screen will reveal the identity of the target, depth of the target, and pinpoint the target at depths up to 12" for coin sized objects. The 3019 Metal Detectors can detect a silver dollar at 16" depth. This profound depth of detection is coupled with laser precise discrimination, the 3019 metal detector can tell you whether you are hovering over an old wheat penny, or a newer zinc type of penny at depths of 6" or more.

With the extra power, sensitivity, discrimination, and advanced modes of operation, the 3019 Metal Detector can recover coins, relics, jewelry, gold, and other precious metals at greater depths with greater accuracy than ever before.

The Advanced Modes of The 3019 Metal Detector:

All Metals Mode: This mode is the high-sensitivity and no discrimination mode, all metals will be detected in this mode. The sensitivity is fully adjustable in this mode, so you can crank her up and find VERY deep targets. It is important to note, motion is NOT required in this mode so it can be used to help in pinpointing smaller and deeper targets.

Motion Discrimination: This will probably be your most commonly used discrimination mode. This mode requires search head motion and the detector will discriminate with different audible tones and identify the target on the oversized LCD screen. The ground balance is automatic in this mode and the sensitivity and discrimination are fully adjustable.

Automatic Notch Filter: Advanced notch programming; The 3019 deep search detector comes with pre-set programming to search for certain targets. The metal detector can be set to auto-notch for a specific target like silver coins, then it will only detect targets with the phase response of silver. The ground balance is automatic in this mode, and the sensitivity is fully adjustable.

Selective Notch Filter: In addition to automatic settings for certain targets, the notch filter can be manually adjusted as well so that you can tell the 3019 metal detector to detect and specifically desired target. The notch can be set so that the detector can find only silver coins, or only bronze coins. The possibilities are endless, but one must be careful in the notch mode as you can bypass desirable targets that are not in your "notch" setting. The ground balance is automatic or manual, and the sensitivity is adjustable in this mode.

Deep Search with Surface Elimination: This setting is for deep searching and ignoring trash on the surface. This mode is where you can really find some good hidden treasure and can be used in combination with any of the other modes above. This mode is great for the hard to recover, and/or previously missed targets. This feature can be a very powerful treasure hunting tool when combined with the motion discrimination mode, or the notch filters. Using this feature, the 3019 can become a highly specialized tool set to find very specific targets at depths of up to 12".

Pinpointing Mode: Motion is not required in this mode. The detector will give off a steady tone that will increase as you get closer to the target. The LCD will also indicate the location of the target. This mode can use the automatic ground balance, or ground balance can be manual adjusted or finely tuned for advanced pinpointing. Sensitivity and discrimination is fully adjustable in this mode.

With increased processor power, six advanced modes of operation, increased depth, pinpointing, and a customizable notch selection to easily select for any phase response (metal) the 3019 professional metal detector is truly a treasure hunters dream. Pound for pound the 3019 Metal Detector has more advanced features than any other metal detector under $1,000 (aside from the XJ9-3050), and gives a sublime combination of ultra deep search and technical functionality unparalleled in the metal detector market.

Only the highest quality materials, space age carbon lower stem with unbreakable non-metallic nylon connecting hardware to ensure fidelity and solid construction. The 3019 Metal Detector by Treasure Hunter is a world class deep search metal detector.

  • Features in Detail:
    • Target Depth Indication Readout on Bright Oversized LCD
    • Advanced Target ID With Advanced Discrimination
    • Large LCD identifies: target, detecting mode, sensitivity, and more
    • Six Advanced Modes of Operation: Pinpoint, Auto Notch, Selectable Notch, Deep Search Surface Elimination, Motion Discrimination, All Metals Modes, And Combination Modes
    • 3 Distinctive Audible Tones For Different Metals
    • Controls: Mode, Auto Ground Balance, Manual Ground Balance, Volume, Adjust Sensitivity, Adjust Discrimination, Combine Modes, Battery Level
    • Auto Low Battery Indication
    • Standard Headphone Jack With Built In Speakers
    • (AGB) Auto Ground Balance
    • Manual Ground Balance (fine tune)
    • VLF Operating Frequency 6.55-6.75Khz
    • Space Age Carbon Lower Stem With Unbreakable Nylon Hardware
    • The Extendable Shaft Has Dual Locks, Both Cam Lock andDetent Locks to Ensure a Solid Feel While Detecting
    • Waterproof 8.5" Searchcoil and Water Resistand Case/Control Box
    • Uses 2-9V Batteries (not included)
    • Accessory Package (A) Included (Headphones, Bag, Scooper)
    • Lightweight 3lbs

5 Year Limited Warranty