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Treasure Hunter Aqua Vision Pro

Treasure Hunter Aqua Vision Pro

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Aquavision Pro Waterproof Metal Detector, Virtually No Treasure Is Out of Your Grasp With This Underwater Machine

Looking for hard to get at treasure? Need to swim or wade through some water? No Problem!

We were finally able to get some of these coveted underwater detectors in stock.

For the avid beach comber, treasure diver, wader along FL's treasure coast, or deep sea diving detector, the Aquavision Pro has what you are looking for.

Unlike most underwater detectors, the Aquavision Pro works great in salt water as well as freshwater, and with a maximum depth of 132 feet, there is virtually no treasure out of your grasp. With only two knobs, this detector is a miracle of high technology. One knob is for power on, battery test, and discrimination, the other knob is for sensitivity.

Lightweight, with comfortable foam grip, this detector is a pleasure to use in or out of the water. The detector takes one Alkaline 9-volt battery which provides over 65 hours of operation time. Pinpointing is a breeze with only the slightest movement needed for positive target results.

With state of the art patented quartz crystal electronics the Aquavision Pro operates in frequencies even below the VLF (Very Low Frequency) spectrum. With the included waterproof and specially engineered piezo-elastic headphones, this detector is truly a treasure hunters dream.

  • Features in Detail:
    • Weight 6lbs
    • Warranty - 5-years
    • Submersible Headphones
    • Can be set to ignore small metal pieces while looking for larger objects
    • 10" deepsearch spidercoil
    • Audible alarm and visual red LED flash
    • Aluminum control tube
    • Descrimination capabilities to tune out trash like pulltabs while searching for valuable treasure
    • Manufacturer: Treasure Hunter
    • Suggested Retail $795.95

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