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Treasure Hunter Navigator

Treasure Hunter Navigator

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The Navigator Plus is a user-friendly instrument, offering tremendous value and better performance than any other detector in it's price range. Streamlined in appearance, the Navigator Plus has eliminated the most difficult aspect of metal detector operation: Ground Balancing. With built-in Automatic Ground balancing, the Navigator Plus balances for mineralization in any type of soil while you detect.

There is also a fine tuning knob for ground balancing if necessary. The Navigator Plus will detect in extreme ground conditions from salt swash ocean inlets to highly mineralized clay deposit sites to heavy elemental inland soil conditions with no operator adjustments to the circuitry and with no loss of sensitivity. The Navigator Plus offers 2-tone target identification for fun, easy discriminate capability. The Navigator Plus is an intermediate level metal detector that is easy to operate, highly rugged, comfortable, lightweight, and extremely efficient in the field.

  • Features in Detail:
    • Dual tone discriminate
    • Visible target indication
    • Sensitivity adjustment
    • Discriminate adjustment
    • VLF operation frequency
    • Adjustable s-rod handle system S-rod stand Comfort handle grip
    • Adjustable coil angle
    • Low battery consumption
    • Audio low battery indication
    • Internal speaker system
    • Interchangeable coil plug.
    • All Metal Motion Discrimination
    • 2-Tone Target ID
    • Lightweight (2lbs)
    • 3.5mm Headphone Jack
    • Next Generation Navigator Computer Chip (now goes an extra 8cm deeper)
    • 8"waterproof system
    • Bonus Pro-Pack UPGRADE