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Treasure Hunter Private Eye

Treasure Hunter Private Eye

Price: $69.95 $47.00


Amazing Entry Level Metal Detector, Has All The Features And Depth Of Advanced Units, With Very Reasonable Price Tag

Treasure Hunter Metal Detectors

Private Eye

This is Treasure Hunters Jr. metal detector, or entry level detector

Want a simple metal detector that has an incredible recovery rate without all the complicated modes and programming that goes along with an advanced detector?

This detector is a great way to get started in metal detecting. It has all the discrimination and depth of a $200 detector with a $79.95 price tag. This detector may not have the disc/notch, multi-period, dual voltage, multi-frequency detecting that many fancy machines have. However, it does have a semi automatic/manual ground balance, and manual discrimination to adjust to ignore unwanted trash and still has the detection depth of 6" for a small coin. The ground balancing is easy with a one touch auto tune, then minor adjustments with the fine tuning knob to optimize the settings. This machine also operates at a VLF for added depth and discrimination. Coming from the think tanks at Treasure Hunter, you know that this little guy is a high quality work horse.

This really is a good sturdy little metal detector with all the basic features and easy to learn to use. I personally keep one of these for back up and pinpointing along with my Treasure Hunter XJ9 detector when I go on Treasure Hunts. The Private Eye is good for pinpointing because it has non-motion detecting.

  • Features in Detail:
    • The Private Eye is a non-motion detector (Great for pinpoint targets)
    • Private Eye will discriminate against small unwanted objects such as nails (Ferrous), and gives a clear signal on precious metals (Non-ferrous)
    • This detector is robust light aluminum and its really easy to learn and use
    • Switch on and go with three button intuitive operation, no fancy programs and complicated settings
    • One button for volume, one for fine tune adjust and another for discrimination
    • Automatic ground balancing with fine tune option
    • The telescoping handle is easy to adjust to any height
    • Extremely light weight (less than 2lbs)
    • Visual and acoustic signals
    • Waterproof Search coil
    • Requires 6 AA Batteries (not included)

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