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Treasure Hunter Vision XJ9

Treasure Hunter Vision XJ9

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Powerful Recovery Performance with Amazing Simplicity, the Vision XJ9 is Arguably The Best "Discriminator" of All Treasure Hunter Detectors.

The All Vision Pro XJ9 is for serious to expert metal detector hobbyists. This metal detector is a favorite among users for many reasons. The large LCD screen and simple 4-button function makes this machine one of the best turn-on-and-go metal detectors in the market.

This is one of Treasure Hunter's advanced metal detectors, equipped with a powerful 16-bit Z-186 computer microprocessor which combines with Treasure Hunter's patented technology to offer more features, performance and detecting depth than any other detector in its price range.

Enjoy large and detailed full visual target identification on giant LCD as well as 8 different audible tones. Yes, there are 8-tones for 8 different metals or targets, and the LCD gives visual identification of 10 different coins. It's going to take your ear a while to master this machine, but once you are familiar with all tones and respective targets, you will be outhunting the top experts with their $3k machines! Whether sweeping the search coil ultra fast or ultra slow, the Treasure Hunter Vision Pro will detect targets with tremendous accuracy at depths of up to 33cm!


Manual for Treasure Hunter Vision XJ9

  • Features in Detail:
    • Large LCD Readout: iron/silver/gold/trash/cab/10-different coins
    • Touch-Pad Intuitive Control Panel With Bright LCD
    • 8-Distinctive Audible Tones For Different Metals
    • Powerful Z-98 16-bit Processor
    • Programmable Sensitivity Adjustment
    • (AGB) Auto Ground Balancing
    • VLF Operation Frequency
    • Upgraded to Large 10" Waterproof Deep Search Coil
    • Lightweight (3lbs) with Adjustable Shaft Length and Arm Support Handle for Comfortable Use
    • Low Battery Consumption with Auto Low Battery Indication
    • Standard Headphone Jack
    • Built In Speaker System
    • All Metal Motion Discrimination
    • Uses 2-9vot Batteries (not included)
    • Bonus Accessory Pack A Included

5-Year Factory Warranty