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Treasure Hunter XJ9-3050

Treasure Hunter XJ9-3050

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Amazing breakthrough technology developed by NASA engineer transforms Treasure Hunter's XJ9-3050 professional metal detector into a hybrid all-purpose machine with world-class gold prospecting ability

  • One of the world's most astonishing metal detectors, revolutionary target recovery secret to instantly locate more targets used by professional treasure hunters
  • Despite being the most advanced metal detector In the Treasure Hunter lineup, the XJ9-3050 is only 3 lbs., and perfectly balanced for comfortable hunting for hours
  • Metal detector enthusiasts are hailing this machine as one of the most potent treasure recovery devices for the spectrum of precious metals available to science
  • Endorsed by Treasure Net Magazine as "A superior piece of equipment"
  • Lost Treasure Magazine Remarks: "Word of caution: If you to use this one with same techniques that work well with other machines, you will get frustrated. Spend a few days learning the modes, keep close to factory settings, and learn this as an advanced piece of high technology"

The Treasure Hunter XJ9-3050 is Treasure Hunter's top of the line model and truly a Metal Detectorist's dream. This detector was designed for the advanced user who is serious about treasure hunting. The XJ9-3050 has an amazing combination of technology to make it truly second to none among its peers.

So what is the secret sauce that makes the Treasure Hunter XJ9-3050 stand above all the other metal detectors in its class? We are glad you asked; Although the TH XJ9-3050 Metal Detector is a VLF (very low frequency operation) metal detector, Alex Baldwin, ex-NASA engineer has helped to develop the complex circuitry involved in allowing the 3050 metal detector to operate at multiple frequencies.

My name is Alex Baldwin, I am the creator of the technology used to allow the Treasure Hunter XJ9-3050 Metal Detector to operate at multiple frequencies. I am excited to tell you that we have achieved the desired result of creating a single metal detector that truly can be used in all terrains and for all targets effectively.

Most VLF metal detectors operate at a frequency of about 6.5Khz, which works very well for most targets and is a good technology for "multi-purpose" detectors. However, some targets, like gold nuggets, have a phase response that is detected better by higher frequencies around 19Khz. The Treasure Hunter XJ9-3050 actually transmits over a wide spectrum of frequencies of 3Khz (deep silver), 6.75Khz (most precious metals), and 18.75Khz(gold nuggests). These are the 3 Frequencies that are transmitted at one time.

  • The 3050 has Treasure Hunters patented multi-frequency deep search technology found only in the Treasure Hunter XJ9-3050 metal detectors. This model is equipped with a powerful 32 bit Z-TEX Computer Microprocessor for increased depth and discrimination.
  • The large LCD screen will visually indentify the target, the depth of the target, and pinpoint the target. This detector can achieve depths of 30cm (12") for a coin the size of a US quarter. The XJ9-3050 can detect a silver dollar at 16" depth!
  • Even at 10" plus depths, this detector will tell the difference between an old wheat penny from the new zinc type of penny.

This metal detector uses multi-frequency technology to achieve greater depths and increased discrimination. With the multi-frequency technology the XJ9-3050 can recover coins, relics, treasure as well as gold nuggets at greater depths than ever before. This turn-on-and-go, fully automatic, advanced treasure hunting machine has already left a huge impression on the metal detecting community.

Modes of operation:

1) All Metals Mode: This mode is the high sensitivity and no discrimination mode and any metal item will be detected. The sensitivity is completely adjustable in this mode. The automatic ground balance can be used in this mode, or for advanced use, the ground balancing can be manually adjusted. Motion is not required in this mode.

2) Motion Discrimination: This is probably the most commonly used discrimination mode. This is the motion detecting mode and the detector will discriminate with different audible tones and also will identify the target on the large LCD screen. The detector will also give the depth of the target on the screen. The ground balance is automatic in this mode and the sensitivity and discrimination are fully adjustable.

3) Automatic Notch Filter: The 3050 deep search detector comes with pre-set programming to search for certain targets. The detector can be set to auto-notch for a specific target like gold rings and then it will only identify gold rings and other targets within the specific phase response of gold rings. The ground balance is automatic in this mode, and the sensitivity is fully adjustable.

4) Selective Notch Filter: The discrimination notch can be manually set to find any specifically desired target. The notch can be set so that the detector can find only 1/2 dollars, or only silver dollars, or only gold nuggets, or the desired relics, etc.... The possibilities are endless. The ground balance is automatic, or manual and the sensitivity is adjustable.

5) Deep Search with Surface Elimination: This setting is for deep searching and ignoring trash on the surface. It can be used in combination with any of the modes above and is for the hard to recover, or previously missed targets. This feature can be a very powerful treasure hunting tool when combined with the motion discrimination mode, or the notch filters. Using this feature, the 3050 can become a highly specialized tool set to find only gold nuggets at depths of up to 12".

6) Pinpointing mode: Motion is not required in this mode. The detector will give off a steady tone that will increase as you get closer to the target. The LCD will also indicate the location of the target. This mode can use the automatic ground balance, or ground balance can be manually adjusted or finely tuned for advanced pinpointing. Sensitivity and discrimination is fully adjustable in this mode.

This all purpose professional metal detector has all the great functions of the beloved 3019 with multi-frequency technology and the Z-Tex, a more powerful on-board computer to increase accuracy of discrimination. The XJ9-3050 has all the high technology features like multi-frequency detection, increased depth, pinpointing, surface elimination, improved notch discrimination capabilities, and much more. This detector gives a unique combination of depth and functionality that simply cannot be found with any other detector.

Please see the comparison with other top of the line the line metal detectors at the bottom of this page. This detector uses NASA space age carbon and fiberglass lower stem with unbreakable non-metallic nylon connecting hardware to ensure the sensitivity and accuracy of the unit will not be compromised. This is Treasure Hunters premium deep search metal detector.

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What is (AGB) Automatic Ground Balancing?

AGB refers to the ability of the detector to track the changes in ground mineralization and automatically adjust the ground balance to suit the soil. This ensures perfect ground balance and full detection depth and eliminates the need for the operator to stop and manually adjust the detector as the ground conditions change.

What is Very Low Frequency (VLF) Technology?

Conventional VLF detectors transmit a continuous magnetic field into the ground on one set frequency. This frequency as the name implies, is on the lower end of the metal detecting spectrum 3kHz- 50kHz. The 3050 Professional detector operates at the very low end of this spectrum 3Khz and ~6.7kHz. Generally the lower the detector's frequency, the deeper it will penetrate. However, its sensitivity to smaller targets may be reduced. On the other hand, the higher the detector's frequency, the higher its sensitivity to gold nuggets, and to even the smallest targets, but it may not penetrate as deeply. The TH 3050 achieves extreme depths due to its VLF and magnetic field expander technology combined with astonishingly accurate sensitivity and discrimination, it does this through its patented multi-frequency technology. The Treasure Hunter 3050 detectors use a multi-frequency technology to combine the benefit of deep penetration with the high discrimination possible with higher frequencies.

What is Multi Frequency Technology?

The Treasure Hunter 3050 uses the VLF technology combined with higher frequencies up to 17kHz to give increased depth and discrimination. These higher frequencies combined with VLF technology are best for finding gold at large depths. This frequency is automatically given off and does not need to be adjusted. The increase in frequency gives a greater response to little tiny bits of gold, the 3050's increased response to small targets is about ten times as much gain as general purpose detectors. For gold searching, you must set the discrimination to the lowest setting.

What is Target ID and how does it work?

Treasure Hunters Patented Target ID circuitry is a very accurate measure of the target's phase response. Unfortunately some targets have identical, or nearly so, target responses. That is why you may lose a few gold rings if you believe your ID is correct every time it tells you the target is a pull-tab. With the 17Khz frequency, your 3050 will be much more likely to find, and Identify targets composed of gold than other models. The ID is just another form of information that you, the operator must interpret before deciding whether you will dig the target. But fortunately, Treasure Hunters Target ID is from top of the line circuitry and is accurate at depths of 12" for a coin and up to 16" for larger targets (3019 and 3050 deep search models only). As you can see from the Oversized LCD, the 3050 will tell you just how likely your target is to be a gold ring if it is in the range. Don't forget, your Treasure Hunter 3050 also has target depth indication

  • Features in Detail:
    • Target Depth Indication Readout on Bright Oversized LCD
    • Advanced Target ID With Advanced Discrimination
    • Large LCD identifies: target, detecting mode, sensitivity, and more
    • Six Advanced Modes of Operation: Pinpoint, Auto Notch, Selectable Notch, Deep Search Surface Elimination, Motion Discrimination, All Metals Modes, And Combination Modes
    • 3 Distinctive Audible Tones For Different Metals
    • Multifrequency Technology For Much Larger Range of Targets
    • Controls: Mode, Auto Ground Balance, Manual Ground Balance, Volume, Adjust Sensitivity, Adjust Discrimination, Combine Modes, Battery Level
    • Auto Low Battery Indication
    • Standard Headphone Jack With Built In Speakers
    • (AGB) Auto Ground Balance
    • Manual Ground Balance (fine tune)
    • Three Operationg Frequencies -VLF Operating Frequency 6.55-6.75Khz, 3Khz, and 18.75Khz
    • Space Age Carbon Lower Stem With Unbreakable Nylon Hardware
    • The Extendable Shaft Has Dual Locks, Both Cam Lock andDetent Locks to Ensure a Solid Feel While Detecting
    • Waterproof 8.5" Searchcoil and Water Resistand Case/Control Box
    • Uses 2-9V Batteries (not included)
    • Accessory Package (A) Included (Headphones, Bag, Scooper)
    • Lightweight 3lbs

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5-year limited warranty