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Treasure Hunter XJ9-3050

Treasure Hunter XJ9-3050

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Date Added: Saturday 21 January, 2012

by Richard Olsen

I bought this detector from Sylvan Co. and paid about $40 more than what&#39;s advertised here, expressly for finding gold nuggets. I took it out last week and found everything but gold, but I&#39;m still trying to get used to it. It does good on anything metal. Found a lot of junk. I wrote the company and told them that I didn&#39;t think it would find gold and asked for some assistance in setting it up. It is a little complicated since there are so many settings. I am still experimenting. I have a friend that is an experienced nugget shooter and he told me to try to detect a small lead sinker like the one&#39;s used for fishing since lead has the same frequency as gold as far as a metal detector is concerned. I tried it with a larger sinker and it picked it up right away. It was about a 1 oz sinker. I tried it with a split shot (the size of a good sized nugget) and it didn&#39;t detect it at first, but then it did. I tried it again on a different site just to make sure that it was the sinker that it was detecting, and it failed to detect it while it was lying on the surface. I am going to try it again when I have more time to play around with it. I did mess around with it with money and different metal objects and it did great. So I guess the verdict is still out.</p>

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