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Why Buy from Metal Detector Town?

You may run across something like this somewhere else. We won’t boast to you about being the biggest metal detector retailer because we aren’t. In fact, in a sense, we’re the little guys.

Compared to the other metal detecting super stores, we’re small—in size. What we lack there, we more than make up for in passion and in hunger. We tackle going after the best products and the best deals the way we do after some obsession we sometimes get in the hobby. See, here in Metal Detector Town, most of us are hobbyists too. Not all of us started out that way, but all the exposure to crazy, enthusiastic hobbyists is rubbing off on the others. So, we get where you are coming from when you start browsing the site.

Great prices everyday!

First, we always see things from an “as how you want to be treated” point-of-view, and we know that everyone loves a great deal. Other places say that they have the best and lowest prices available. We beg to differ. Metal Detector Town is one place that can easily match their prices and on occasion, maybe even do better. You just wait and see.

Get your stuff, on us!

Second, we understand how it’s like to be excited about a new gadget and we want to get your orders out to you as fast as possible with our 3-Day Free Shipping Special, where all new metal detectors over $150 can now get free ground shipping in the continental United States.

Problem? No worries.

Third, we’re open to challenges. When our customers encounter a glitch, a difficulty, or trouble with their purchase, we’re ready to jump in. It’s not a “no problem” scenario, because sometimes there is a problem; but we look at it as a “how can we help you fix it” opportunity.

Our Customer Service Policy stems from our reason number one. We have been and we are customers as well; we’ve been in your shoes and probably will be again sometime in the near future—whether it’s related to the hobby or not. We stand by all the products that we represent. The products that we stock come with their own repair or replace warranties. And while it is quite rare, finished products do arrive from factories defective or with missing parts on occasion. We have a stock of spare parts on hand to make replacements quicker when necessary. Our engineers are also available to assist you via email if you need extra help.

Still want more? Our metal detectors and other products (unless otherwise stated) are available on a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee*. Aside from a refund, you can also opt for an exchange; no questions asked. We want you to feel good about your gear; metal detectors are a pretty big part of the hobby of metal detecting and finding the right fit is crucial.

So, give us a call or send us a message and we’ll work on it. We’ll start from “how can we help you;” then, we can move on to “no worries.”

*All returns must be in the original packaging and must include all accessories and manuals. Items returned for exchange or refund that do not include the factory original shipping carton and inserts may be subject to a repacking fee.

We’re always on the hunt and you hear about it first.

Here, in Metal Detector Town, we’re always on the lookout for the latest and the best stuff: the unbeatable deals, the newest gadgets, the latest technology. Our customers are sure to enjoy the products of the efforts of our dedicated team that’s always scrounging about for all these goodies. Sometimes we are lucky enough to get special introductory prices, at other times, we get to bring previously unknown brands into the mainstream. It’s all in a days work and all for fellow metal detecting enthusiasts. Best of all, you, our customers, get first dibs on whatever we find in the arena of products or news via out blog and newsletter.

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