Are Headphones Necessary in Metal Detecting?



Metal detecting can be hard and grueling. As a hunter, you needed to be conscientious and observant of your very surroundings. It is a fact that all metal detectors, especially the land based ones to produce audio signals when they pass over metal targets. This sounds can be loud or even faint. With the external speakers built into metal detectors, these sounds can be misleading due to alot of factors. For one, if the target is small you will hear faint and deep signals.

With a headphone, you will hear even the faintest of sounds. This means additional find for you! Not only that, environmental factors can be blocked out. Howling wind, crushing waves and children laughing for example will be muted, leaving you out there “alone” with your metal detector.

In addition, with a headphone, you will be saving the life of your metal detector’s batteries. This is because the speaker in the detector is turned off when the headphone is plugged in to it and so, no energy is required to drive the detector’s external speaker.

Ofcourse, not all headphones are right for metal detecting. Read product reviews as well as tips on buying a headphone for metal detecting before buying it. Not only that, there are other accessories that will enhance and augment your chances in metal detecting.

In Metal Detector Town, we offer a variety of headphones for your metal detecting needs.

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  1. Other variant is possible also

  2. Thanks so much for this information

  3. I so want to buy my boyfirend a metal detector. We live in a rural are in iowa , lots of farm land, and he is sure there is treasure to be found. but i dont want to spend a fortune. any suggestions???

  4. Hearing the subtleties would be a big benefit to anyone who is serious about finding something beneath the surface. I can’t imagine not using headphones.

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