Top Places You Might Find Treasures

Gold has constantly been the only thing that has maintained an increasing value today, and thanks to metal detectors they have given people the opportunity to treasure hunt, and attain as much treasure possible. Whether it’s gold nugget hunting, metal detecting for gold rings or gold coins, gold hunters can always rely on their metal detector. Now, here are pieces of information for them on where to hunt for treasure.

For eons, mineralized quartz arteries have been flaking pure gold for nugget hunters to locate. Midwestern states like Arizona and California have offered treasure hunters best spots for gold nugget hunting, and it sure has been a treat to the treasure hunters. Although many gold nuggets have been exposed and discovered, geologists from all around agree that 95% of the gold in western states has yet to be revealed.

Let us proceed to hunting for gold rings and gold coins; one of people’s favorite and easiest sought-after treasures. Reality check–the top places where they can locate gold are at parks, school yards and beaches. In fact, they can even search in their homes!

Studies say that by far the best place to look for gold rings is at the beach, particularly in the shallows of a dropping tide at a popular beach or perhaps in an antique resort location. That may have sounded too cliché but the reason behind this is because many vacationers do not realize that the colder the water is, the more this can make their fingers shrink and unsuspectingly lose their highly valuable ring jewelry, and to state the obvious, the shallow water is also the most recent and overly used area that is occupied by vacationers.

Miami’s South Beach is infamous for one of the most worthwhile metal detecting spots on the planet. Because you will find many other types of jewels besides gold in various areas; it will really help to have a metal detector that can work well when submerged in the water as well as being very capable in dry sand. Therefore, having an all-purpose metal detector would be of great help to gold hunters.

Apart from the beach, metal detecting for gold coins is commonly done in ship wrecks. Gold hunters have a fair share of experience on this. The best and most valuable type of hunt or perhaps the fantasy of every treasure hunter is to find an antique shipwreck with gold bullion coins and similar gold treasure.

Tell me you have heard of the “Ship of Gold”, because if you haven’t you’re missing half of your life! For more than a century, the legends and mystery of the “Ship of Gold” remains a dream to gold hunters. Books from all over the country were written documenting the disaster, and tales boomed of gold bars weighing up to 750 ounces. This type of find is extremely rare, but don’t lose hope, there are undiscovered shipwrecks with treasures that are yet to be discovered.

The best place to look for gold coins is along the shipping routes in the Caribbean where tons of various treasures were taken from the Americas to Europe, and of course there is the legendary Pirate booty to be found. There are rare gold coins that have been found washed up at all the beaches of the East Coast, and this indicates that there is much more treasure hidden out there.

Just remember that fortune is just a mile away, it’s out there waiting to be found by your dependable metal detector!


  1. Ive tried this before, its fun but i do it more for exercise, there are some great coin finds on the gold cost of florida.

  2. I just purchased a new metal detector (I’m new to the hobby) and will be visiting Pensacola, FL next month. Wish me luck everyone. I can’t wait to try it out.

    – MD

  3. Metal detecting in the Caribbean is a dream: low mineralization, crystal-clear water, a clean, sandy bottom, and no waves.

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