Jun 11

Fun, Fruitful, and Safe Metal Detecting Season

As we all take advantage of the warmth of the season and set out on summer-induced treasure hunting treks, a few important notes on safety is in order.
•Gone fishing, er, metal detecting
Whether you’re going on a planned treasure metal detecting trip or a casual walkabout in a nearby beach or park, leave word. A simple note or message to anyone—family member, roommate, neighbor—or just stick a post-it on the door, the refrigerator, or hang it on fido’s collar. Any information on where you’ve gone will help in case the unexpected happens. They call them emergencies for a reason.
•A little reconnaissance goes a long way
Sometimes, thinking of a metal detecting jaunt as a “mission” helps. Planning and research can go a long way toward ensuring your trip is successful and safe. As exciting as that hint of danger might seem, the glamour evaporates when you find yourself trapped in a sudden downpour and caught on low ground in a possible flash flood. At the very least, check out weather forecasts for the dates and locations of your treasure metal detecting.
Varying locations can mean varying hazards, but that doesn’t mean it’s all bad news. This is not about being a party pooper, the point is not to get caught unawares or at the very least, have a back-up plan in case something does happen. You don’t have to lug a survival kit along with your metal detector.
This is what makes a little planning essential. Safety precautions can mean something as simple as wearing protective clothing that can guard you against poison ivy, ensuring that you have some way to call for help when necessary, or even just having some information on what to watch out for.
One example would be knowing to wear thick and hard-soled footwear when hunting old areas and structures; learning whether the old homestead has been totally abandoned will alert you to the likelihood of rotten floorboards and old exposed nails that will make short work of soft rubber-soled shoes. Another would be finding if the area you’re going to hunt has cell phone reception. You’ll be glad to know this bit of information when a crisis strikes and you need to call for help.
•Detectorist overboard!
Taking too much stuff may be a rookie mistake but the opposite—underestimating the elements—veteran cockiness might just be as bad. Don’t go nuts packing for every possible emergency, that’s impractical and well, dumb. Do your best to keep it simple.
Pack your metal detecting gear, dress appropriately, take the weather into account, always make sure to have hydration, bring necessary protection (bear spray, pepper spray, or whatever is applicable), and lastly, make sure to have a way to call for help.
Make your summer adventures all about fun. Getting everything else all lined up will leave you free to go treasure hunt in relative peace of mind. Covering your bases by not going blind and uninformed into a certain location new or old keeps you in good hunting form. Happy hunting!

Dec 10

Locating Other Treasures With A Metal Detector

Looking for a different kind of hunt? Itching for a road trip? If you’re just dying to take your metal detectors out for a spin but have nothing lined up in the treasure hunting department, perhaps a benchmark hunt is what you need.

Benchmarking is another hobby great for people interested in hunting and history. In this activity, the goal is to find “benchmarks” or survey markers scattered all around the country. This particular pastime started making waves in the mid-nineties when information about the locations of the marks became available online, growing as a spin-off of another popular, online information-propelled hobby, geocaching.

With over 700,000 benchmarks across the United States, there are likely quite a few near you. Usually, these survey markers are round metal disks commonly but not exclusively, made of brass; inscribed with its own particular information such as the year of installation (or even re-installation for replacement markers), name of mark or the “station” it pinpoints, designation (what type of marker it is, one with a triangle is a “triangulation station disk,” one with an arrow is called a “reference mark” as it points to a principal station that may be a few feet away), elevation, et cetera.

Your metal detector will play a very important role in your benchmark hunting. These markers are roughly just 3.5 inches in diameter and set in various places in different areas. Sometimes, markers are placed in the ground, set into large rocks, or even directly on a particular structure (sidewalks, bridge spans, roads). Metal detectors are very useful tools for discovering these markers especially when layers of earth hide them.

Arm yourself with some tools to discover these new finds and another hobby might be in your horizon: information on the markers you’re hunting care of a survey data sheet which you can get online, a camera to document your find, a compass, a probe, a digging tool and brush for clearing dirt from a marker, a tape measure, a GPS device to make it easier to locate the general area, and a metal detector for finding accidentally and intentionally buried markers.

Sep 10

Beach Metal Detectors: 6 Tips for Caring for Your Equipment

beach metal detectorEnjoy an alternative waterside activity with a beach metal detector and have fun combing the beach for hidden treasure. Although made for rugged handling and conditions, beach metal detectors need basic care  for longer life spans. Here are six simple tips to help you get the most out of your equipment.

1. RINSE. Wash off the saltwater from your metal detector immediately after use. Left to dry on your equipment, saltwater and its residue can cause rust and corrosion. A fresh water rinse and wipe down is an easy must after a beach outing.

2. WASH & DRY. Give your beach metal detector a proper cleaning with mild soap and water after each use. This will take care of any salt residue or sand particles the simple rinse didn’t catch. Getting rid of the grains will also prevent rusting and scratches. Wipe dry to finish.

3. A LITTLE SPECIAL ATTENTION. The battery compartment door is ringed by rubber that keeps it airtight and waterproof. After and in-between uses, remove the batteries and wipe the compartment’s interior with a dry, lint-free cloth. Close the battery compartment door and wipe the outside clean of sand and water.

4. AVOID EXTREMES. As with most battery-powered devices, metal detectors are sensitive to extreme temperatures and radiation.  Avoid prolonged exposure to severe temperatures whether hot or cold. On occasion, you might get tempted to stash it in the trunk of your car. Unfortunately, unlike your golf bag, it might not survive an afternoon of baking under the hot sun.

5. BEFORE YOU STORE. A last run-through before you stow your gadget until the next outing. Make sure the power is off. Take out the batteries in between uses—especially for longer periods—to safeguard against corrosion and battery leaks. Keep your metal detector in a cool, dry place.

6. SOME REMINDERS. It’s a metal detector. It’s not a cane, a stick, a crutch, or a shovel. Used as directed, it can bring hours and hours of discovery, learning, and fun. If it doesn’t function properly, check the batteries. If batteries aren’t the problem, check your warranty. Whether within the warranty or not, refrain from tinkering with it. First, non-sanctioned modifications may invalidate warranty; second, homemade modifications may prove hazardous.

Beach metal detectors are available in a wide variety of types and price ranges, but an investment in a high-quality one is the best move. Check out the lineup at Metal Detector Town for selections that won’t disappoint.

Jun 10

Metal Detectors for Sale: What You Should Know Before Buying

Metal detectors are great for finding lost objects and buried treasures. As long as an object is made of metal or has parts made of metal, it’s not impossible to find with a metal detector. You can use metal detectors to find gold nuggets or your lost keys.

With a metal detector you can enjoy…

Coin shooting. This is a type of metal detecting that focuses on finding coins from lost change after an event to old gold, silver, and copper pieces.

Relic hunting. You may be no Tia Carrere but you can look for relics like dog tags, insignias, or even weapons from past wars and historical conflicts with a metal detector.

Treasure hunting. Be an explorer and find hidden caches of gold, precious jewels, or silver pieces by using metal detectors.

Prospecting. This primarily refers to looking for gold nuggets but looking for any valuable metal is also considered prospecting.

There are many metal detectors for sale – but not all are created equal. There are also several factors that can affect the results of your search.

Factors that can affect your search include…

Metal detector type. Using the right type of metal detector for a particular terrain can improve your chances. Use a beach metal detector when looking along the beach or riverbeds and a coin metal detector when looking for old and historical coins.

Metal detector technology. The technology used in your metal detector is a major factor that contributes to its capability. Some metal detectors use higher frequencies than others, while some provide larger or smaller coils. To find high quality metal detectors for sale at affordable prices, visit Metal Detector Town.

Object size. The bigger the object or the larger its metal component is, the easier it is to detect given that most detectors are often limited at 8 to 12 inches of depth.

Interference. This can take many forms: Naturally occurring minerals in the soil, natural conductors, pipes, cables, and power lines can interfere with the signal from the metal to your detector.

There’s a lot to know about the best metal detectors in 2010, head out to Metal Detector Town.

Apr 10

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Mar 10

Metal Detectors: Tips on Balancing Ground

If you are frustrated by the load of trash and useless items your metal detector seems so keen on beeping about, you may need to adjust and balance your Ground level. The Ground knob on your metal detectors sets the level of rejection your metal detector gives ground mineralization.

Ground mineralization, simply put, is the kind of mineral present on the ground. To balance your Ground means detecting the difference between rusted iron nails, common salt, and genuine gold coins. Fine tuning the Ground control for your metal detector for a specific area will improve its performance especially if the All Metal mode is selected.

Fine tune your metal detector’s Ground level by doing the following:

1. Go to the area you wish to search.

Different areas require different ground level since most places have different ground mineral concentration. A beach or the riverside may have higher concentration of minerals due to sand crystals, gold, and other mineral sediments compared to your neighbor’s yard.

2. Do a test run.

Turn your metal detector’s Threshold control until a slight hum you hear a slight hum. Set your metal detector to All Metal mode. Lower your metal detector to search height then slowly lift it to about four inches. Do this repeatedly.

3. Listen for sound disparity.

As you lift and lower your metal detector, listen for changes in the hum volume. Ideally, if your Ground balance is correct, the volume will stay the same even if it is on search height or four inches high. To aid in this, concentrate on volume disparity only as your coil or loop approaches the ground.

4. Adjust your Ground knob accordingly.

Your goal is to find the ground setting that allows only minimal or no change at all in the volume of the hum as the loop is lifted and lowered. Adjust your Ground knob until you hit the right balance.

5. Reduce sensitivity controls.

A great metal detector allows you to adjust sensitivity controls if you find it hard to achieve the right balance. Metal Detector Town offers the best metal detectors and metal detecting equipment with advanced sensitivity control and great customer support.

Dec 09

Top 5: Intriguing Historical Facts About Guns for relic hunters

We have many customers that love to go searching for artifacts and especially old guns and gun parts. We often get questions about old guns that have been found on a treasure hunting mission. We have compiled some interesting information about firearms and we hope you find this post helpful even if a little off topic.There are literally millions of facts floating around about firearms, from muzzle velocities to types of projectile, from reload times to rates of fire. Anyone can find those, just look up a blog. This Top 5 feature, however, looks behind the traditional ‘interesting’ firearm facts to give you a list of 5 facts that you don’t already know about guns (and by ‘guns’ we mean handguns, rifles and machine guns, not artillery pieces!). We’ve dusted off dad’s old military history digests and scoured countless pages of weaponry fan-boy webzines for your leisure and now we’re cocked, locked and ready to rock.

1. Guns: The First Guns
The world’s first firearms were developed in China in the mid 12th century AD. An important find in the early 1970s in Pan-la-ch’eng-tzu village, Manchuria, included a barreled powder-operated projectile weapon dating to circa 1290AD. As a result of the fact that the weapons of ancient and mediaeval China were usually designed to strike fear into the hearts of the enemy, the functionality of these old weapons has been questioned. Simply, some scholars feel that the idea of the working weapon was enough to deter an enemy assault.

2. Popular Firearms
The American-made M16 and the Russian-made AK-47 assault rifles are the two most popular firearms in use today. Both guns offer variable firing modes, quick rates of fire, moderate-high power, reliability, medium-long range and high levels of accuracy.

3. The Most Accurate Guns
Recently, the longest kill on record was established.An American sniper using the famed Barett .50 Cal Sniper Rifle shot and killed an insurgent from over two miles away. Before the sound of either shot alerted the insurgent to the presence of an enemy sniper, the sniper apparently missed with his first shot, corrected and fired again, killing his target.

4. Heckler and Koch- Revolutionizing the Sub Machine Gun
Based in West Germany in the 1960s, this important small arms manufacturer revolutionized the design of the modern submachine gun with the MP5. It’s no surprise, Since the weapon is so reliable, that it is the standard weapon of choice for close-quarters spec ops teams all over the world including the SAS and many state SWAT teams.

5. The Sniper – Always a Specialist Soldier
From the earliest use of the word ‘sniper’, the term has described someone with a knack for a particular skill. That ability is marksmanship overlong distances, most likely from a covered position. The word originated among Imperial British soldiers in India in the late 18th century. You had to shoot down a snipe, a little and very quick type of bird before you were considered a sniper. The sniper, as a result of the skill he deploys, acts as a single unit, selecting and taking out enemies at will. This makes him the most valued asset among your allies and perhaps the most feared and loathed member of the rival force.

Nov 09

How Metal Detectors Work

Many people often ask me the question of how exactly do metal detectors work…  So, how does a metal detector work? The basic treasure hunting metal detector has four main components: The stabilizer, control box, shaft, and search coil. The stabilizer is simply a cradle for your arm to help stabilize the metal detector motion while searching. The control box contains the microprocessor, PCB, batteries, speaker, headphone plug. Some metal detectors have a really complex and powerful microprocessor with complicated digital displays, and some others do not have display features at all. The more sophisticated metal detector s on the market are able to discriminate the type of metal that is being detected, the depth of the object, and some can even tell  you the size and type of object (relic or coin).  Most metal detectors are mono-frequency detectors and are going to use VLF technology (very low frequency). This frequency is usually in the 6.4kHz range and is good for detecting non-ferrous metals deep in the ground. The metal detector coil is made up of an outer coil and an inner coil. The outer coil transmits a magnetic field and the inner coil receives or detects resulting magnetic fields coming from objects in the ground. The outer coil transmits a magnetic field into the ground and if there is any conductive (metal) objecst then it amplifies the respective magnetic field of these objects. This causes the object to transmit a magnetic field upward toward the surface of the ground that the inner coil (receiver coil) will detect and transmit the information (intensity, frequency) back to the control box.  Based on how strong the signal is, the detector can approximate the size and the depth of the object being detected.

VLF metal detectors can also distinguish between different metals by analyzing the magnetic field frequency that is received from the buried object. This is done by looking at a phenomenon called Phase Shift. Each type of metal, depending on its inductance and resistance, will give a different frequency back then is received from the transmitter coil. By analyzing the phase shift (difference in frequency) that is received from the object, the advanced metal detectors can approximate what type of metal is being detected below the ground. This can become complicated when you consider that many target objects will be alloys of different metals and that some precious metals have the same phase response as junk metals. Most VLF detectors have the capability to adjust the discrimination to allow for canceling out the signals of ferrous metals like iron (low phase shift) that would account for most of the trash that would be found.

This is the basic operation of the common treasure hunting VLF metal detector. With modern VLF detectors, you can discriminate most trash and find precious metals at significant depths and have a good idea of what it is you have found before digging anything out of the ground.

Oct 09

Top Places You Might Find Treasures

Gold has constantly been the only thing that has maintained an increasing value today, and thanks to metal detectors they have given people the opportunity to treasure hunt, and attain as much treasure possible. Whether it’s gold nugget hunting, metal detecting for gold rings or gold coins, gold hunters can always rely on their metal detector. Now, here are pieces of information for them on where to hunt for treasure.

For eons, mineralized quartz arteries have been flaking pure gold for nugget hunters to locate. Midwestern states like Arizona and California have offered treasure hunters best spots for gold nugget hunting, and it sure has been a treat to the treasure hunters. Although many gold nuggets have been exposed and discovered, geologists from all around agree that 95% of the gold in western states has yet to be revealed.

Let us proceed to hunting for gold rings and gold coins; one of people’s favorite and easiest sought-after treasures. Reality check–the top places where they can locate gold are at parks, school yards and beaches. In fact, they can even search in their homes!

Studies say that by far the best place to look for gold rings is at the beach, particularly in the shallows of a dropping tide at a popular beach or perhaps in an antique resort location. That may have sounded too cliché but the reason behind this is because many vacationers do not realize that the colder the water is, the more this can make their fingers shrink and unsuspectingly lose their highly valuable ring jewelry, and to state the obvious, the shallow water is also the most recent and overly used area that is occupied by vacationers.

Miami’s South Beach is infamous for one of the most worthwhile metal detecting spots on the planet. Because you will find many other types of jewels besides gold in various areas; it will really help to have a metal detector that can work well when submerged in the water as well as being very capable in dry sand. Therefore, having an all-purpose metal detector would be of great help to gold hunters.

Apart from the beach, metal detecting for gold coins is commonly done in ship wrecks. Gold hunters have a fair share of experience on this. The best and most valuable type of hunt or perhaps the fantasy of every treasure hunter is to find an antique shipwreck with gold bullion coins and similar gold treasure.

Tell me you have heard of the “Ship of Gold”, because if you haven’t you’re missing half of your life! For more than a century, the legends and mystery of the “Ship of Gold” remains a dream to gold hunters. Books from all over the country were written documenting the disaster, and tales boomed of gold bars weighing up to 750 ounces. This type of find is extremely rare, but don’t lose hope, there are undiscovered shipwrecks with treasures that are yet to be discovered.

The best place to look for gold coins is along the shipping routes in the Caribbean where tons of various treasures were taken from the Americas to Europe, and of course there is the legendary Pirate booty to be found. There are rare gold coins that have been found washed up at all the beaches of the East Coast, and this indicates that there is much more treasure hidden out there.

Just remember that fortune is just a mile away, it’s out there waiting to be found by your dependable metal detector!

Sep 09

Tips on Buying a Headphone for Metal Detecting

Buying a headphone for metal detecting can be challenging as well.  For one, not all headphones are best for metal detecting.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Here are some guide questions that will help you shorten and weed out the best headphone from the ordinary headphones:

  • Does your headphone have a volume control on each ear?

Most metal detectors does not have volume control, having one on your headphone will help you control the volume, you do not want a blasted eardums.

  • Does your headphone have moisture resistant mylar speakers?

Paper cone speakers deteriorate from moisture and eventually mute soft signals.  It is necessary to check if the headphone you are thinking of buying has moisture resistant mylar speakers.

  • Do you know if your detector has a stereo jack?

Having a stereo type headphone with a mono jack will mean you only get sound from one ear.  Ofcourse although you wanted to concentrate on every sound within the hearth, you also would want to hear and bear from awareness from your surroundings–  for upcoming cars, wild animals, or even your wife calling.
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Do you have a metal detecting story to share? Please send them to us and we will post it here on Metal Detector Town!