Feb 11

Metal Detectorists Are Women Too

Yes, it’s about time that we acknowledge that the time for the boys’ gang with The Little Rascals’ club motto of “no girls allowed” in metal detecting has long gone; and it’s not a sad passing. We should actually celebrate the not-so-new development.

More and more women are filling the ranks of metal detecting and treasure hunting clubs. The new blood has only served to promote and strengthen the beloved pastime. Some have had sensational successes too; garnering much needed good press for our oft-assailed hobby.

Although some old-timers might doubt the interest and capability of enthusiasts of the female variety, we ought not be too quick to judge. Along with everything else, in metal detecting there are really good hunters and mediocre ones, and gender isn’t the determining factor. If you think about, what’s not to like? How can our favorite pastime be irresistible to others, even the women? Their successful hunts are proof of that—and doing it all while in school, or managing a career, or raising a family.

Other than membership in hunting clubs, sales of metal detectors to women are also on the rise. What or where their fascination with metal detecting comes from, who can explain? However, I doubt if we, the menfolk, can also explain why we indulge in it. So, it’s only fair that we encourage and support women detectorists. And for those who won’t, then at the very least, just leave them to hunt in peace.

In Metal Detector Town alone, we have had an increase in inquiries and sales by women and for women; metal detectorists in their own right, and not just those looking to purchase a gift for their husbands, or dad, or brothers. Obviously, they are not only a growing part of the community of metal detecting and treasure hunting; they are also developing into a marketing demographic.

So, next time you run into a fellow metal detecting enthusiast, think of them that way, as a person who enjoys the hobby. Whether they are someone’s wife, mother, sister, or daughter, out in the field, what they are, are metal detectorists.

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