Feb 11

Roman Coins In Lyme Regis, An Amateur’s Rare Find

Dr. Colin Dawes displaying his finds.

Three years ago, Dr. Colin Dawes, a paleontologist, well-known fossil hunter, author, and a bit of a celebrity in his local Lyme Regis, added metal detectorist to his long line of credits.

His metal detecting adventures has recently brought him further attention. After joining a local metal detecting club in East Devon, he has had quite the successful run. Armed with his metal detector, he unearthed seven bronze Roman coins in Uplyme, a village located on the Devon-Dorset border, adjacent to Lyme Regis.

The location of the site has not been disclosed but many theorize that the coins may be from the remains of another Roman Villa similar to the one found in the village of Uplyme in the 1800s. Check out the rest this piece on his discovey from Bridpoint News.

The combination of his various pursuits and the good fortune that is his home has, in some way, tipped the scales in his favor—Lyme Regis is nicknamed “The Pearl of Dorset” and noted for the plentiful fossils found in its cliffs and beaches; it is also known as the Jurassic Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Dr. Dawes’ metal detecting has organically developed into a particular niche. It seems that he is, again, drawing from his personal knowledge and experience and mixing it with his metal detecting. Perhaps due to his familiarity with the area and its distinct terrain, he has been putting his metal detector to use in The Undercliff—several areas of landslip on the southern English coast (including Lyme Regis). He has become somewhat of an expert in the subject that he has been asked to deliver a talk about it in the local museum.

We’re sharing this story to illustrate how anyone can have their own treasure hunting success story. As we’re mentioned, in the case of Dr. Dawes, he is lucky to reside in a locale whose background is so rich that it’s actually pre-historic.

But, if we really think about it, all he needed was a metal detector and a group of people who shared the same interest, and he was set.

If not for anything else, his story gives the rest of us something to shoot for.

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