Jul 10

Metal Detector Helped Amateur Treasure Hunter Find Old Coins

One of the best things that a treasure hunter can have, whether he is an amateur or not, is a metal detector. Take the example of Dave Crisp, a hospital chef, the amateur treasure hunter who caught the attention of CNN.

Crisp a former hospital chef serendipitously found buried coins while searching for metal objects near Frome, Somerset, in the southwestern part of England.

With the help of some archeologists, Crisp was able to unearth a pot full of 766 coins. The coins contained the image of Roman general Marcus Aurelius Carausius, the Roman emperor who ruled independently in Britain from AD 286 to AD 293, the first one to strike coins in the country.  This find is the second largest in the UK. Crisp aptly calls himself a “metal detectorist,” referring to his dependence on the right metal detector for his treasure hunts.

A metal detector has different varieties and each one goes for the specific treasure you are hunting and the terrain of the place where you are hunting. There is a metal detector that is meant for a novice treasure hunter and there’s one for the more serious and seasoned treasure finder.

The year 2010 has brought several advances to metal detectors. One that belongs to the list of the top of the line models is the Treasure Hunter XJ9-3050. This unit has the patented multi-frequency deep search technology, which allows you to spot a dollar at 16 inches depth. This lets you identify the target, its depth and also pinpoint it.

One of its best features is the 32 bit Z-TEX Computer Microprocessor which allows for increased depth and discrimination. With this, the way to finding relics, coins, treasures at an ever greater depth is never better. At a depth of 10 inches and more, the detector can tell you if it’s an old wheat penny or the new zinc type of penny you just found.

The Treasure Hunter XJ9-3050 is only one of the many metal detectors that are available for any treasure hunting aficionado or a seasoned one. To find out more about their different features and benefits, you can check each one of them in the metal detector comparison chart found in this page at www.metal-detector-town.com.

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