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The XR7-289 has high-preciscion 8-Zones for more accurate  detection. Its indicator light autimatically shows the interfering signal of the installation environment. Each area can be set with a 0-99 sensitivity range; it can be set sentitive enough to detect a clip-sized piece of metal. The XR7-289 has the capacity to perform automatic recording of people that passed through and the alarm times. With its unique infrared settings, it has strong omission proof and anti-interfering capacity. 

The XR7-289 is safe with pacemakers, pregnant women, and magnetic recording media. It uses digital impluse and magnetoelectric compatibility, features faster sensing, more accurate detection, higher sensitivity and stronger anti-interference capacity. The XR7-289's cipher protection also helps prevent parameters from being maliciously changed by unauthorized people. 


Additional Features

• Soft-touch button operation

• Body-height LED indicator lights at both sides of gate post

• At a glance, clear results

•  With a fixer, it is slip, water, and dampness proof


XR7-289 Technical Parameters

• External Dimensions: 2450mm x 898mm x 560mm

• Passage dimensions: 2300mm x 780mm x 560mm

• Voltage: AC 120V

• Power: 55W

• Working environment:  -20-55oC

• Machine net weight: 88kg

• Transportation weight: 120kg

• ISO-9001, CE, ROH, FCC, UL