Best Kids Metal Detectors 2023: Real Detectors or Toys?

Kids are often very interested in metal detecting, and the idea of finding some hidden treasures underground fascinates many of them. Even small children 4-9 years old can actually make attentive and patient detectorists; however, this is only possible if the detector you purchase for them really works well! One of the main mistakes many parents make is buying a cheap toy detector, and then get surprised that it does not detect anything. No wonder many kids get disappointed and lose interest in detecting. So, if you really want to teach your child treasure hunting, make sure you get a real thing for them! 

Top 5 Kids Metal Detectors



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Nokta Makro Midi Hoard

Nokta Makro Midi Hoard


Garrett Ace 200

Garrett ACE 200


Fisher F11

Fisher F11


Minelab Go-Find 22

Minelab Go-Find 22


Bounty Hunter Tracker IV

Bounty Hunter Tracker IV

The best metal detectors for kids are those that bring finds! Metal detectors kids love are simple to master, easy to use, and the ones that can really help in spotting a hidden treasure. This is why we have collected a list of the best detectors for children here, to help you make a fast and informed choice. Despite the fact that such machines are some of the least widespread in this hobby, there are still some decent options available in stores. So, check out the list, and pick the option you like most of all! 

Types of Metal Detectors for Kids 

You may wonder whether there is even such a thing as a real metal detecting device created for children, or is it just a clever marketing for lightweight beginner machines? Or maybe kids detectors are just expensive toys, and maybe you can find a cheaper toy? 

The point is that real kids detectors exist, and they are created specifically for younger users. And, there are also toy detectors, that have little to do with a real device. Before you make a choice preference, learn more about every type of product in the first place. 

Toy Metal Detector for Child 

The majority of cheap metal detectors for kids are toys, but this is only half of the news. The second half of the news is that most of these toys are low quality and do not work properly – if at all. This is especially true for cheap Chinese replicas of famous brands, let alone no-name products made god knows where and god knows how. 

If you know that your kid is not particularly patient, and does not play with new toys for long, perhaps buying a toy detector makes sense for you. This toy will not be able to bring any interesting or valuable finds, but you will waste less money if your kid loses interest in it, or breaks it down. However, if your kid demonstrates interest in detecting, or you believe they will be more passionate about this hobby, buying a real machine is a better idea. Real machines by well-known brands are at least made of proper high quality materials, and you will be able to sell it later if you want. 

Real Kids Metal Detectors 

There are several brands that make either machines for children, or kid-friendly beginner level metal detectors. If you want to know more about all your options, read some kids metal detectors reviews, and feedback from real users, too. Buying a high quality machine for the kid is safer, and also way more fun. 

Wrap Up 

Some parents are reluctant to buy a real thing metal detector for their child because they are not sure whether the child will be interested enough to use it. However, we have to say that your child will definitely not be interested in using a cheap toy that brings only trash and ferrous finds. Purchasing a working detector increases the chances of keeping the child engaged longer, enhances safety, and such devices can later be sold again – in contrast to a cheap toy.


What are the best detecting locations for younger kids?

Younger kids should try detecting in the backyard, in the garden, or in public parks (but only accompanied by their parents). You can even make test locations for the kid by burying different objects in your garden.

Does it make sense to take the kids out for a full day detecting?

That depends on the age of the child, but most likely no. Children get tired faster, they get distracted, and you will be too busy to keep an eye on them properly.

How to tell a toy from a real machine?

Mostly by brand. Purchase products from well-known companies, and from reputable online stores, to avoid cheap replicas.

Should I buy a beginner metal detector for older kids?

If your teenager is interested in treasure hunting, it makes sense to get a good beginner detector. If it does not work out for the kid, you can use it as a spare machine, or even sell it later.

What is the lightest metal detector for children on the market?

At the time of writing, the lightest kids detector is Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior, weighing only 1.13 lbs. Other machines weighing 2.2 lbs are Minelab Go-Find 11, Minelab Go-Find 22, and Fisher F11.